Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth

A simple but enjoyable fantasy-based strategy game
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Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy-themed strategy game, simple but entertaining. It is divided into several battles or scenarios in which you need to conquer or defend a series of villages to win each battle. You can play each scenario as a Fighter (beginner), Hero (normal level), or Champion (challenging). These options give almost endless possibilities for each game.

A series of scenarios make up a Campaign. The game includes 16 campaigns, each with a different difficulty level that can go from novice to expert. The final goal of the game is to regain the throne of Wesnoth.

Although the premise of the game is rather simple, the actual gameplay can be challenging. You need to spend some time learning how to play. Luckily, the game has useful tutorials that describe all the game functions. Also, you can download several add-ons to include them into your game, such as new battles, sounds, campaigns, and so on. The game can be played in single- and multi-player modes.

The game also has several minor disadvantages. For example, the installation file is very large and takes a while to download. The graphics aren't great and although the music is cool, it can be boring after a while. On the other side, the game is absolutely free and has many options, so if you enjoy this type of games, then you may like this one.

There is also an online version that you can play at the developer's website. There are versions for Linux and macOS too.

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  • Free.
  • Entertaining gameplay.
  • Good music background.
  • Different difficulty levels.
  • Single- and multi-player modes.
  • Useful tutorials


  • The installation file of the offline version is rather heavy and takes a while to download. Also, it takes a while to install
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